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My entry for the Micro-RPG Jam.

School Of Thought is a minimalist tabletop RPG about university, power structures and the genealogy of knowledge. It does not aim to portray how education or schools work, but is rather a fun little exercise about the more obvious blind spots of your average seminar/class/course and lazy ways to have a career.

Disclaimer: I utterly failed to incorporate the winning theme and in the end just gave up and made a game for the themes I could work with, which were 'Avoiding Work' and 'Endless Odyssey', so this is a never-ending game about doing as little actual work as possible. I also handled some other rules a bit more 'whatever' than expected: The setting is mentioned with exactly one word, there is no conventional GM or narrator wherefore the story develops exclusively through the given mechanics, and for brevity I discarded most of the 'the's and 'a's in the text, which is why it reads like instructions given by a machine. Which I think really conveys the point, so that authoritative tone is staying in.


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